Saturday, 14 May 2016

Angels of Death Codex Review- Part 8: Betrayal at Calth Forces

Welcome to next part of my Angels of Death Codex Supplement review. This section will look at the new Space Marine forces that were included in the supplement, those based on the models from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set.
Terminator Captain
Comes with the Standard Space Marine Captain stats, with terminator armour, a power sword and a storm bolter for the same cost as the equivalent from Codex Space Marines. The big bonus here is being able to upgrade to Cataphractii terminator armour for free.

The Cataphractii terminator armour gives the Captain Slow and Purposeful instead of Relentless and no sweeping advances that normal terminator armour confers. The big bonus though is that it allows the Captain to re-roll invulnerable save rolls of a 1. So, a Captain model with a 2+ armour save and 4+ invulnerable save with re-rolls of a 1 is going to be pretty durable. Even though the text says the re-roll is provided by the interaction of the terminator armour and Iron Halo, it does not say the re-roll is restricted to the Iron Halo save. I have already faced a Cataphractii terminator Captain armed with the Shield Eternal, so granting a 3+ invulnerable, with re-rolls of 1's. For the free cost of the upgrade, I don't see why you would not do so.

The Captain can also be armed with a Relic Blade, any Terminator Weapons, special issue wargear or any chapter Relics, but cannot be upgraded to a Chapter Master.

Cataphractii Terminators

For the same cost as a unit of regular terminators from Codex Space Marines, you may take a unit of Cataphractii terminators.
The biggest differences are that the Cataphractii terminators come armed with combi-bolters instead of storm bolters, the Sergeant has a master-crafted power sword and the unit has a 4+ invulnerable save instead of a 5+ invulnerable save.

The upgrades are generally the same for the Cataphractii terminators, but they only heavy weapon they can take is a heavy flamer. Also, the sergeant can exchange his power sword for a power fist for free. I like this change and wish it could apply to regular terminators too, as I would rather the extra power fist attacks to a single power weapon in the squad.

In addition, the sergeant may take a grenade harness, which is a short range, S3, assault 2, blast weapon. Ideal for firing at a unit before you assault them.

Overall, I like the Cataphractii terminators. In an edition where Terminators are regarded as being pretty poor choices, the increased invulnerable save is useful for increasing their durability at the expense of a reduction in firepower compared to a normal terminator squad.

You also have the option to replace the squad's power fists with lightning claws for free. I like this option is very useful for the terminators. You don't get the AP2 of the power fist, but you will be striking at initiative with AP3. A unit of terminators charging marines will put out 15 attacks with shred re-rolls to wound. That should be able to decimate most marine units without access to AP2. One of the annoyances of terminators is having to strike last and risking the chance of losing models by failing your 2+ save. In addition, you will also have some firepower for the unit as opposed to taking dual lightning claws.

Contemptor Dreadnought

Coming in at 45 pts more than a Venerable Dreadnought with a multimelta, I think the Contemptor Dreadnought is well worth the price and a very valuable unit.

The Contemptor comes with WS5 and BS5, making it better at shooting and hitting marines in combat (with its 4 attacks base). More importantly, it comes with front armour 13, making it immune to most units in combat, outside of those armed with meltabombs or power fists. Krak grenades will be unable to harm it, and haywire is less of a threat now it is limited to one attack per phase. This means your Contemptor should be able to hold up most units in combat for a long time.

In addition, it comes with fleet (great for ensuring you charge) and atomic shielding, giving it a 5+ invulnerable against shooting and 6+ invulnerable in combat.

You will probably want to arm it with the Kheres Pattern assault cannon. This is a 6 shot assault cannon that will be hitting on 2's with the Contemptor. This is a lot of firepower that will harm most units or vehicles in the game.

Upgrading to the assault cannon makes the Contemptor pricey and it can still be one-shotted by anti-tank weapons. You also probably want to use a drop pod to get it up close with the enemy, making it even more expensive. I need to try one of these in my games and see if it is worth the cost for what it brings to the table. If only you could arm it with two Kheres assault cannon, this thing would be a killer.

The new unit datasheets give you some great options for including your Betrayal at Calth miniatures in your regular 40k games and provides some nice buffs to regular units in the army, as well as a great new Dreadnought to try out.

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  1. Don't forget that slow and purposeful confers to the whole unit so a cataphractii captain like the one I've just bought makes your devastator squad relentless...

    1. Yeah, the ability to pass Slow and Purposeful along to Devastators is really the main draw to me. Especially because I like running Drop Lists, where Devastators are otherwise pretty much useless.

    2. It is a useful tactic to improve the devastators and protect them with the Captain acting as a wound tank.

  2. I still haven't picked up a BaC box, but I've got two of the Contemptors that I picked up cheaply second-hand, and they're great. AV13 is a huge deal for Walkers, and Fleet plus the extra shots compared to a regular Contemptor is a very nice bonus.

    1. I've been sorely tempted to pick up the box myself and start a heresy army. Managed to hold out at the moment.

    2. My pile of stuff that's still sitting around unbuilt is large enough that it's helping me resist a lot of the temptations for more. The temptation to do a 30K Alpha Legion Army is near constant, tho :P