Thursday, 23 June 2016

Battle Report 63- 1500 pts Orks/Grey Knights vs Blood Angels/Daemons

This week's battle report was my Friday night practice game before Double Trouble where my Orks and Tobias' Grey Knights took on Pete's Blood Angels and Dan's Chaos Daemons.
We decided to play the first mission of Double Trouble, but some confusion regarding the rules meant that we had each player rolling for 3 maelstrom cards each turn rather than 3 per turn. The 6 maelstrom cards per turn, added to the fact we were rolling for them as we didn't have the cards meant a lot of note taking and re-rolls each turn (I am so glad that Alex supplies the Double Trouble cards for the tournament games!).

My army consisted of:
My army consisted of (green on the maps):
Warboss- Eavy Armour, Power Claw, Shoota, Bosspole, Stikkbombs (with B2)
Painboy- Urty Syringe, Dok's Tools (with B1)
 25 Ork Boyz- Sluggas, Choppas, inc. Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole (B1)
11 Ork Boyz- Sluggas, Choppas, inc. Nob with Power Claw and Bosspole (B2)
Trukk- Big Shoota (T)
Runtherd and 15 Gretchin (G1)
Runtherd and 11 Gretchin (G2)
3 Warbikers (WB)
Warbuggy- TL Rokkit (W)
Warbuggy- TL Rokkit (W)
 Looted Wagon- Killcannon, Ard Case, Big Shoota (LW)

My warlord trait was conqueror of Cities (Stealth Ruins and Move Through Cover Ruins).

Tobias' army consisted of (grey on the maps):
Librarian- Mastery Level 2, Psyk-out grenades, Terminator Armour, Nemesis warding stave (with T2)
Dreadnought- Psychic Pilot (mastery level 1), TL Autocannon, missile launcher (D)
5 Strike Squad- Nemesis Force Halberds, Storm Bolters, includes Justicar (SS)
5 Terminators- Nemesis Force Halberds, Storm Bolters, Psycannon, includes Justicar (T2)
Nemesis Dreadknight- 2 power fists, Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon (DK)
His warlord trait gave him an extra psychic power on his Librarian. For his psychic powers, his Librarian got Invisibility, Mental Fortitude and Hammerhand. I forgot to note down what each of the squads got. I was hoping the Grey Knights would be able to take on the Daemonic forces in Dan's army, leaving me to deal with the Blood Angels in combat. I got some very nice photos of Tobias' great looking Grey Knight army.

Pete's army consisted of (in red in maps):
Librarian- Veritas Vitae, Mastery Level 2 (with TM)
5 Tactical Marines- Plasma gun, Combi-plasma (TM)
Razorback- TL assault cannon (R)
10 Scouts- Shotguns (S)
5 Assault Squad- 2 Meltaguns, Sergeant has 2 inferno pistols (U)
Drop Pod (DP)
Deredo Dreadnought- TL Anvilus pattern Autocannon battery, Aiolos missile launcher (D)
Pete's warlord trait was Princepts of Deceit (forcing us to discard a random card for one turn). His psychic powers were Prescience, Precognition and Misfortune.
Pete's army featured a large unit of shotgun-toting Scouts that were going to Outflank and could cause a problem for my grots units, though they are only BS3 (which we may have reminded Pete once or twice, or 10 times ;) ). We also gave his Dreadnought the nickname Jason (Jason Deredo, anyone?) which seemed to stick with it throughout the entire tournament.
Dan's army consisted of (Blue on the maps):
Great Unclean One- Mastery level 3, Daemonic Portal, Hell Gaze (UO)
Nurgle Daemon Prince- Mastery level 2, Daemonic Flight, Warp-forged armour, Bale Sword, 4+ FNP reward (DP)
10 Plaguebearers- Icon (P)
3 Nurgling Bases (N)
His Great Unclean One got Cursed Earth, Summoning, Stream of Corruption, Sacrifice and Dark Flame, his warlord trait also gave him +1 to his Feel no Pain roll. His Daemon Prince got Iron Arm, Stream of Corruption, Smite and Life Leech. I ended up facing Dan in the first game of Double Trouble, so got a little preview of how tough his army could be the night before.
We decided to play the mission with standard long table side deployment. We set up the objectives as shown below:

Tobias and I won the roll for deployment and chose to go first. I placed a unit of grots on the ruins on either side to hold the objectives. The large mob went to the right, supported by the Looted Wagon in the centre and the two warbuggies on the right. The trukk and bikers went to the left flank, along with the Dreadknight and Dreadnought from the Grey Knights. The rest of the Grey Knights went into reserve.
In reply, the Nurglings went in the woods to their left, with the Razorback behind them. The Daemon prince went in the ruins to the left, while the Plaguebearers, Great Unclean One and Deredo Dreadnought went in or around the ruins to the centre of their deployment zone.

Pete and Dan failed to seize the initiative and we took the first turn.
In our first turn, I drew Bring It Down (destroy an enemy vehicle or monstrous creature), Scorched Skies (destroy an enemy flyer) and Take Objective 3. Tobias drew Pile On (have a unit from each army in the same combat), Take Objective 4 and Take Objective 5.

On the left flank, the warbikers and trukk advanced on the Daemon Prince (he was going to come to me anyway, may as well save him the trouble), while on the right flank, the Warbuggies advanced on the Razorback.
In the centre of the battlefield, the large Ork mob advanced towards the Great Unclean One.

In the psychic phase, the Dreadnought cast Sanctuary in itself, while the Dreadknight attempted the same but failed to manifest the power.

In the shooting phase, the warbuggies fired at the Razorback. In a good change of events, both rokkits hit the target. My joy was short lived though as I rolled a double 1 for the AP roll. The Looted Wagon fired at the Nurglings, the shot scattered onto the Razorback but failed to cause any damage.

The warbuggies fired at the Daemon Prince and managed to wound the mighty Daemon. The Dreadnought opened fire on the Plaguebearers, killing two of the unit.

At the end of our turn, we scored Objective 3 and Objective 4 for 4 points and discarded Scorched Skies.

This turn, Pete drew Dominance (hold 2 objectives and twice as many as your opponent), Secure Objective 3 and Gunned Down (destroy enemy units in the shooting phase). Dan drew Finish Him (kill an enemy character), Wiped Out (destroy 3 enemy units) and Secure Objective 6.

The drop pod crashed into the woods in front of the Dreadknight, the assault squad moving out in a fixed formation to target the enemy units.
The Daemon Prince advanced on the Trukk, while the Plaguebearers and Great Unclean One moved into the ruins.

In the psychic phase, the Daemon Prince tried to manifest a Stream of Corruption on the trukk, but failed to get the power off. He then cast Iron Arm on himself. The Great Unclean One cast Sacrifice on the Plaguebearers, killing one of the unit and bringing a Tzeentch Daemon forth from the warp.

The Warp Storm blew strong this turn, hitting the Dreadknight and Grots, but failing to cause any harm.

The Razorback opened fire on a warbuggy, glancing it once. The assault marines fired their meltaguns at the Looted Wagon, blowing up the vehicle. The Drop Pod fired at the grots, killing one of the squad.

The Deredo Dreadnought fired at the Grey Knights Dreadnought, taking two hull point from the enemy vehicle. It also opened fired at the warbikers, but failed to harm the jinking bikers.

The Daemon Prince charged the Trukk, easily blowing it up and killing four of the Orks inside.

At the end of their turn, Pete and Dan scored Objective 6 and Gunned Down for 2 points in total. They discarded Dominance.

Orks/Grey Knights- 4
Blood Angels/Daemons- 2

This turn, I got Bring it Down, Take Objective 5 and Secure Objective 2. Tobias drew Pile On, Take Point 5 and Take Point 1.

The Strike force arrived, deep striking in besides objective 1 to secure it with the grots. The Terminators periled as they deep struck and went back into ongoing reserves. The Warbikers retreated from the Daemon Prince, while the large Ork mob moved to engage the Assault Marines. The Warboss led his unit towards the Daemon Prince, hoping to take him out in a blaze of glory.

The Dreadknight attempted to cast Sanctuary on itself, but the attempt was blocked by the Daemons.

The Warbuggies fired at the Razorback, one of them hitting but failing to damage it yet again! The Warbikers fired at the Daemon Prince, but failed to wound it with their Dakkaguns. The Dreadnought fired at the drop pod, but failed to hit the immobile target.

The large Ork mob assaulted the marines in front of them, one greenskin dying to overwatch fire. The Dreadknight also charged into the combat.
The marines struck at the Orks, wounding them 3 times, but I managed to make two armour saves and one feel no pain save. The Orks and Dreadknight struck at the marines, wiping the unit out.

The Warboss led his unit against the Daemon Prince. The mighty Daemon challenged the Nob, easily slaying him in combat. The Warboss struck at the Daemon Prince, wounding him once, but Dan made his Feel no Pain save. The Orks lost the combat and fled 11" after rolling a 6 on their sweeping advance.

At the end of our turn, we scored Pile On and Objective 1 for 4 points. I discarded Objective 5 and Tobias also discarded Objective 5.

This turn, Pete got Witchhunter (kill an enemy psyker), Take Objective 4 and Objective 3. Dan drew Finish Him, Wiped Out and Play the Mission (secure 3 objectives).

Six pink horrors arrived, clawing their way out of the portal behind the Great Unclean One. The tactical squad disembarked from the Razorback, moving towards the Warbuggies, while their transport moved towards the right flank. The Daemon Prince advanced on the Grots.

The Librarian attempted to cast Prescience on his unit, but failed to manifest the power. The Daemon Prince failed to cast Stream of Corruption on the grots, then cast Life Leech on the unit, but failed to cause any wounds. He then cast Iron Arm on himself, but we were able to block the attack. The Great Unclean One failed to cast Sacrifice, the power of the warp leaving him temporarily.

The Tactical Squad opened fire on one of the warbuggies, wrecking one of them. The Deredo Dreadnought fired at the Grey Knights Dreadnought, destroying the enemy walker. It then fired its missiles at the Warbikers, killing one of the squad and forcing them to fall back.

The Daemon Prince charged the Grots, challenging the Runtherd and easily slaying him and several of the grots in the process. The puny greenskins struck back and actually managed to wound him once (thanks to him not getting Iron Arm this turn). The grots failed their morale test and were butchered as they tried to flee from the Daemon.

At the end of their turn, Pete and Dan scored Witchhunter, Finish Him and Play the mission for 4 points and Pete discarded Objective 4.

Orks/Grey Knights- 8
Blood Angels/Daemons- 6

At the start of our third turn, I had Bring it Down, Objective 2 and Take Objective 6. Tobias had Witchhunter, Objective 4 and Objective 6.

The turn started with the Warboss and Warbikers rallying. The Terminators arrived from reserve, landing between the Nurglings and Tactical Squad. The Large Ork mob advanced on the drop pod, while the Strike Squad advanced on the right flank.

The Dreadknight cast Sanctuary on itself. The Grey Knights' Librarian attempted to cast Invisibility on his unit, but failed to manifest the power. He then cast Psychic Shriek on the Tactical Marines, but the attack was blocked by the Blood Angels' Librarian.

The Warboss' mob and Warbikers fired at the Daemon Prince, but failed to wound him. The Dreadknight fired at the Daemon Prince, wounding him 7 times. Dan then managed to fail 4 of his 2+ cover saves, but made up for it with making three Feel no Pain saves and only taking a single wound.

The Strike Squad fired at the Nurglings, but failed to get past their 2+ armour save. The Terminators fired at the Tactical Squad, killing one of the Blood Angels marines.

The Ork mob charged the drop pod, the Nob striking at the vehicle and immobilising it to take two hull points from it.

At the end of our turn we scored Objective 2 for 2 points and Objective 4 for 1 point. I discarded Objective 6 and Tobias discarded Witchhunter.

This turn, Pete drew Take Objective 2, Take Objective 3 and Take Objective 4. Dan drew Secure Objective 5, Take Objective 6 and Wiped Out (destroy 3 enemy units).

The Blood Angels Scouts arrived, outflanking on their left flank to go after the Terminators. The Razorback moved towards objective 3, while the Daemon Prince went after the Warboss and his mob.

In the psychic phase, the Librarian cast Misfortune on the Terminators, which the Grey Knights Librarian failed to block. The Daemon Prince cast Iron Arm on himself, but failed to manifest Leech Life on the Orks in front of him.

The Scouts fired their shotguns at the Terminators, killing two of the squad thanks in part to the rending hits granted by Misfortune. The Deredo Dreadnought fired at the warbuggy, destroying the vehicle. It then fired its Autocannons at the warbikers, killing another of the squad.

The Daemon Prince charged the Ork mob, issuing a challenge to the Warboss. The Ork warlord struck at the Daemon, wounding it once, but failing to get pasts its invulnerable save. The Daemon Prince slew the Warboss and butchered the rest of the unit as it tried to flee from combat.

At the end of their turn, they scored Objective 3, Objective 6 twice and Objective 5 for 5 points in total. They discarded Objective 4 and Wiped Out.

Orks/Grey Knights- 11
Blood Angels/Daemons- 11

This turn, I had Bring it Down, Gunned Down and Objective 2. Tobias has Scorched Skies, Objective 2 and Objective 6.

The lone Warbiker moved up to objective 2, while the Grey Knight Terminators advanced on the Nurglings. The Strike Squad advanced on the Scouts, while the Grots moved up to support them.

In the psychic phase, the Terminators attempted to cast Hammerhand, but the power was denied. The Librarian then cast psychic shriek on the tactical squad (periling in the process and taking a wound). The powerful psychic attack killed all the tactical marines and left the Librarian on a single wound.

The grots and Strike Squad opened fire on the Scouts, killing three of the squad. The Terminators fired at the Nurglings, killing one Nurgling base and wounding another.

The Dreadknight fired at the Daemon Prince, wounding it once and taking it down to a single wound.

In the assault phase, the Nob struck at the drop pod, but failed to damage it! (I only needed a single 4+ on 4 dice to destroy it!). The Strike Squad charged the Scouts, killing 4 of the unit for no loss in return. The Terminators charged the Nurglings, killing the unit.

At the end of our turn, we scored objective 6 for 2 points. Thanks to my Nob's inability to harm the drop pod, I had failed to score Bring it Down, which I had been holding for the entire game.

This turn, Pete drew Objective 3, Objective 6 and Finish Him (kill an enemy character). Dan drew In Enemy Territory (have a unit in enemy deployment zone), Big Choppas (kill a unit in assault) and Take Point  1.

The Daemon Prince advanced on the Dreadknight, while the Librarian moved up on the Terminators.

The Librarian cast Misfortune on the Strike Squad, periling in the process and killing himself. The Daemon Prince cast Life Leech on the Dreadknight, but the attack was denied. He then cast Iron Arm on himself as he prepared to assault the Dreadknight.

The mighty Daemon flung himself at the enemy walker, easily ripping it apart with his powerful attacks.

The Strike Squad and Scouts struck at one another, the Strike Squad wiping out the scouts for no loss in return.  The Nob finally managed to finish off the drop pod in combat.

At the end of the turn, they scored In Enemy Territory, Objective 3 and Big Choppas for 3 points in total.

Orks/Grey Knights- 13
Blood Angels/Daemons- 14

We ran out of time and ended the game there. The Daemon prince had managed to score the final few points to give them the win on maelstrom points.

A rough estimate gave the Blood Points totals as:
Orks/Grey Knights- scored 780 blood points
Blood Angels/Daemons- 769 blood points.

An exceedingly narrow win for the Orks and Grey Knights on blood points (only about 11 points in it!). Overall, a draw for both teams.

Thanks to Tobias, Pete and Dan for a great game, a couple of poorer rolls for Dan or better rolls for us and we could have won it!

The Daemon Prince was an absolute beast, going pretty much unopposed up their right flank and destroying all before it. We actually managed to almost kill it off, taking it down to a single wound, but the combination of Iron Arm, a 4+ FNP and a 2+ cover save in ruins meant that it was extremely tough to take down. For most of the game, only the Orks armed with the power claws had a chance of hurting it.

Bring it Down was the bane for me during the game. I thought I may have got lucky after both warbuggies hit in the first turn, but the AP roll let me down. In fact, I don't think the warbuggies did anything at all worthwhile in this game. Then my Nob in the large slugga boyz mob failed to take its last hull point in our final turn, despite only needing a single 4+ out of four attacks. He was able to vanquish it in the end, but it was too late to score our maelstrom point and even up the score.

I think it was probably a good call sending the large mob after the assault marines and drop pod. The only other feasible option would have been sending them after the Great Unclean One, who probably would have slowly butchered the mob over several turns.

I should probably have kept the trukk away from the Daemon Prince (though with his range, this would have been hard). The Nob and Warboss with power claw would have probably have been able to take out the Deredo Dreadnought and maybe even the Great Unclean One and Plaguebearers in combat, rather than falling quite easily to the Daemon Prince.

Overall, it was a fun game and good practice for Double Trouble the following day.


  1. Thanks for the batrep! That Blood Angels list is an interesting one... is there even anything BA specific in it? Death Company, Furioso etc. Seems like a strange choice but this was a friendly tournament if I remember correctly, right?

    1. I'm not too sure why Pete went with Blood Angels other than the colour of the army, it would have benefited his Scouts to go for another chapter. It might have been the ability to arm the assault squad in the drop pod with 2 meltaguns.
      The tournament was reasonably friendly, but there were a lot of tough lists there as I recall.

  2. Just to note, a Nurgle Daemon Prince can't chase down units as they are Slow and Purposeful, so they cannot perform Sweeping Advances. That would have saved 2 or 3 units I think!