Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 2, battle phase 2 moves

The results of turn 2, battle phase 1 were posted yesterday, the players have now completed their moves for battle phase 2. The map below shows the moves to be made:

Having captured a Space port last battle phase, the Tau now launch a daring raid on the Astra Militarum stronghold. They better watch out, I hear the base is ably commanded by a shrewd tactician, who is also interesting, funny, ruggedly handsome and modest too! ;)

The rest of the forces have attacked  a little closer to home, hoping to grab the more easily captured territories. The exception is the Saim-Hann Eldar, who have used their superior speed and skills to strike out and halt the Ork threat before it advances too far. Meanwhile, the traitorous Chaos faction had launched an assault on the Eldar lines while their attention is elsewhere, hoping to regain their lost ground.

The players will have two weeks to get their games played before the end of turn 2. 

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