Monday 26 October 2015

Hobby Sunday 25/10/15- Dark Talon/Nephilim jetfighter

With my White Scars command squad and Librarian being finished last week in preparation for Rapid Fire 2015, it was time to turn my attention to my Dark Angel's flyer.
With Blog Wars X fast approaching at the end of the month, it was time for me to get cracking with painting my Dark Talon. I had previously magnetised the flyer in order to be able to field both variants. Having never magnetised anything before, I was quite pleased with how it turned out in the end, but now it was time to get painting.
What I love about Ravenwing is that once the undercoat is done, a lot of your work in painting the model is essentially finished as the major colour in the army is black. I started off by giving the metal areas a drybrush with Boltgun Metal to pick out the details.
Next, the areas to be painted white (the wings, Ravenwing symbols and Dark Talon iconography) were given a coat of Dawnstone grey. In the case of the iconography, this was drybrushed over the black undercoat.

Next, the iconography was given a drybrush with white to give it a stone look. The Ravenwing symbols and wings were given several coats of white to provide a more uniform appearance (one coat of white was too patchy for my tastes, it took about 3 coats in total to get a colour I was happy with.
After that, the smaller details were picked out; the censers on the iconography were picked out in bronze, the missiles were painted red and the control panels were coloured.
Once the details were picked out, it was time to highlight the flyer. Using a flat paintbrush, I picked out all the edges of the plane in two shades of grey- mechanius standard grey, followed by Eshin Grey.
With that, all that was needed was to flock the base and my two flyers were done.
The Dark Talon:

The Nephilim Jetfighter:

So with that, my army is now ready for Blog Wars X. I will be posting my revised list at some point in the following two weeks and hopefully getting in a last few practice games before I head down to Stockport. 


  1. Looking really swish dude, came out very well indeed. I look forward to seeing it in person :)

    1. Thanks Rob. Not a patch on your own painting efforts, but I am pleased with the results. Looking forward to blog wars, make sure you look me out and say hello!

  2. What white are you using? I find Ceramite White covers fine right over black with two coats. I talk trash about some Citadel stuff, but their Base paints have been a godsend in my experience. They make white, red, and yellow so much easier.

    The icons look particularly fantastic. That two-layer drybrush really got a great stone effect there.

    1. I think it was White Scar I used (or ceramite white). I am a big fan of the Citadel paints, though I haven't used any other paints to compare them to.

      Cheers, I was happy with how the icons turned out. I used a similar technique for my terrain, so know it works quite well.

    2. White Scar doesn't cover nearly as well. I think it's a slightly "brighter" white, but it doesn't have the pigment density for good coverage.