Friday, 2 October 2015

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 1 results and Turn 2 moves

So, the first turn of my campaign has come to an end. The players had a month in which to fight battles and seize new territory. At the end of turn 1, the map now looks like this:

In turn 1, battle phase two:
The Ork horde took on the might of the Eldar in a battle over the lush forests of the Kharysian sector. Despite their vastly superior technology, the Eldar were not match for the ferocity of the greenskins and the Orks were victorious. In fact, the Orks had so much fun defeating the pointy ears that they chased the survivors out of the forest, completely forgetting to claim the territory that they had just cleared. The Ork Warlord gave the army leaders a stern talking to, mounting their heads on his banner soon after. (Seb's Orks managed to win against Armel's Eldar, but then he managed to roll snake eyes when rolling to capture his territory! He's not having a good run of it!).

The White Scars continued their strong surge forward, capturing more territory near their landing site with their speed and prowess on their bikes. Their advance was only halted by the Mechanicus forces massing nearby, who defeated the Sons of Khan in a hard fought battle despite the Scars' superior numbers (Allan managed to win another tile this week, but then fought Steve's Mechanium and were beaten in a very close maelstrom mission).

The Astra Militarum continued their attempts to re-capture their planet, defeating the enemy forces arrayed before them and capturing more territory. (Adam and Andrew were both able to capture their territory, two victories for the Guard!).

The forces of Chaos were encircled by the elite Ravenwing of the Dark Angels, who were no doubt checking for any signs of the Fallen amongst their ranks. The Chaos Legions were still bolstered by their recent successes and easily defeated the forces of the Unforgiven to capture even more territory. (Thomas' Chaos Legions thoroughly thrashed my Ravenwing army to capture their tile).

The forces of the Eldar (both Dark and Light) were equally successful in gaining ground at this stage in the campaign, the Saim Hann forces moving up to the borders of their mortal enemies of Chaos.

Many of the players made successful gains in territory in turn 1, only the Orks and Dark Angels were unable to gain any traction in the sector.

This week, turn two began for the players. In this turn, players are now no longer restricted to attacking adjacent tiles and can perform assaults on any region of the map (though these tiles are more difficult to capture) and could begin construction on building to boost their conquest attempts with the resource points accrued in turn 1.

This month, each player gained resource points based on tiles captured. The totals were as follows:
Steve- 41
Adam- 43
Andrew- 34
Seb- 33
Euan- 34
Armel- 34
Lee- 53
Shaun- 44
Colin- 50
Allan- 43
Thomas- 35
James- 34
This turn, Andrew's Guard and Allan's White Scars decided to protect their territory by building shield generators. Steve's Mechanium decided to embrace their heritage and constructed a Manufactorum to boost their forces in battle.

Most players decided to keep attacking adjacent territories, with the exception of the Dark Angels, who decided to go further afield to gain territory.

So, the map for the start of turn 2 looks like this:

The only set game this turn is Armel's Eldar taking on Thomas' Chaos army. Should be an interesting match up.
Players will have two weeks to fight their battles.

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