Monday 19 October 2015

Hobby Sunday 18/10/15- White Scars command squad and Librarian.

This week I have been focusing on finishing my White Scars command squad. I wanted to get these finished for an upcoming tournament taking place in Stirling.
I painted up my bikers using my standard white scars colour scheme. They turned out to a decent tabletop standard, but I haven't gone over the top on the details. I could maybe come back to them at a later date. I still need to add flock and transfers to the squad.


I was also able to finish off my Librarian model required for my list. This is the librarian from the Dark Vengeance set which I was originally painting for my Dark Angels, but I think he could stand in for my White Scars too.

I need to finish off the final details on the squad and librarian, then I need to get my Dark Talon finished for Blog Wars X. 


  1. Nice, though you do realise how many filth points you get for that squad don't you...

    1. Thanks Nick. I do realise how filthy that squad is. I would never dream of taking them to Blog Wars or use them regularly, but I think they are fully justified for Rapid Fire (at least, that's what I keep telling myself!)

      To add to the cheese factory list I am building, I will also be taking three grav centurions and a librarian in a drop pod.