Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hobby Sunday 10/07/16- White Scars Land Raider Crusader

As part of my ongoing effort to finish off my White Scars, I finally completed my Land Raider Crusader that has been sitting undercoated and with its first wash for about half a year now. I painted the vehicle up using my standard White Scars colour scheme.

The more I worked on it, the more I appreciated how detailed the Land Raider kit is and what a great model it still is. Now that it is completed, I will need to take it in a game soon. I want to play my White Scars a few times using units that I don't normally take in the army, rather than just bikers and scouts all the time. Hope you enjoy the photos of the completed Land Raider.



  1. The Land Raider kit has a few issues, mostly the gaps around the tracks, but I built one recently myself, and it really is holding up amazingly well for its age, especially with the Crusader/Redeemer sprue giving it some new life.

    I was reading an article from an old WD about it, and it took almost 5 years from Jess Goodwin's first sketches to it actually showing up in stores. And it's lasted over three times that long in the product line!

  2. Wow that white across such large surfaces is really hard to do, bravo. I think you should have added in more red panels as well though, they work really well at the back.

    1. I like the red to break up the white of the tank. I was following the illustration of the White Scars Land Raider in the current Space Marine codex, so only coloured the back panels red (it also matches my two Rhinos).