Wednesday 3 January 2018

Warhammer 40k Bloggers facebook group

Just a quick post today to let you know about what will hopefully be a great new facebook group for those that write 40k blogs and those that love 40k blogs. 

Nick from the Burning Eye blog has set up a new group to further promote 40k blogs and blogging. Rather than muddle it up, here are Nick's own words on what he hopes to achieve:

"Greetings all! Welcome to my new plan (the first of many in 2018).

From what I’ve seen, we’ve all seen a bit of a downturn in views this year, and so this is my attempt to make an effort at halting that trend.

What I want therefore is for you all to post links to your blog articles here, with a little précis of the topic as an intro. That’s not all though, I also want you to invite all your blogging friends to join the group and do the same, and anyone you know who enjoys reading blogs, even if they don’t have their own.

Send a message to us with your blog’s homepage (and an idea of your content themes) and we’ll look into creating a master list available as a page on our own blog and linked to this group where you can search for new authors to follow."

Facebook is a great resource for sharing hobby content and blog posts. A lot of facebook groups don't like you posting blog links at all or very often, but this group appears to be specifically geared towards that. This is great and you can join it knowing exactly what you will be getting there. I'm hoping to find some great new blogs to follow and content to keep up with. 

Click the link to find out more and join up!


  1. Great initiative, but too late for me, haha. I actually just trashed FB and Insta because I can see it's made a lot of peoples good work disposable in that format and really takes away from the time and permanence of blogging articles and I've noticed myself interacting with peoples work in different ways too.

    1. I do find that facebook brings in a lot of people to the articles, but yeah, the content is there one minute and gone the next. I also like the permanence of the blog articles.

    2. Fair play, I know a lot of people who don't interact with facebook at all (I mainly just use it for hobby news). I will be looking to set up a matching google+ community in time as well if that's something you indulge in, equally the brotherhood's own blog will be hosting a master list of all the blogs in the group (

    3. I cancelled my FB over 5 yrs ago, never missed it. But if someone wants to post a Blogroll link there to direct people to WeeMen I’d be more than happy... but not getting a FB account anytime soon.