Thursday 4 January 2018

Hobby Update 04/01/18- Genestealer Cults Scout Sentinel WIP

This week, I have been working on a Scout Sentinel for my Genestealer Cults army. Dave over at Confessions of a 40k Addict recently completed his Genestealer Cults Scout Sentinels. He painted them in a yellow scheme, reminiscent of the power loader from Aliens. I really liked this approach, so decided to flat out steal it for my own Scout Sentinel. 

I have three of these to build for my army. I decided to build and paint one as a test piece. In addition, I decided to magnetise the different weapons options for the Sentinel so that I could have some variety in my games if I wanted to and allow me to test out the different options in my games.

I built the model and started painting it. After undercoating with Standard Mechanicus Grey, I gave the armoured sections with a couple of coats of Averland Sunset. The metal areas were then given a coat of Leadbelcher.
I scratched out the filthy, filthy symbol of the false saviour of mankind, to be replaced at a later date by a suitably grander symbol of the great devourer, the only true hope for humanity. 

I then gave the whole model a wash with Agrax Earthshade. After that, I gave the armour a drybrush of Averland Sunset and then an edge highlight with Yriel Yellow. The metal areas were then highlighted with Stormfang Silver. 

All that was left was to pick out the details such as the searchlight and some of the control panels in the cockpit. 

I am going to be working on the driver separately, as this will be much easier to do on his own. I decided to convert the driver to match my Cult Neophytes. I cut off the torso of the driver from the Sentinel and replaced it with the torso of a Neophyte. I could then add the arms for the driver and a head from a Neophyte. 

I hope to finish up the pilot this week and get the model done. I am quite happy with the scheme and think it looks quite striking when the base is done. I am going to build the other two Sentinels to add to my army. For the other two, I have picked up some slate and am going to try and have the two other Sentinels climbing over the rubble. 


  1. Looking good buddy, I like the fact that you've not gone for a unified scheme for the whole army, it'll really bring home the varied nature of the force and the fact that it's drawn from several places and not a coherent whole, even if they work together very well on the tabletop. I must confess I was more inclined to the armoured sentinels when I looked at the index, but I think that just because of the option for taking plasma, I do like plasma a lot!

    1. Thanks, Nick! The Plasma Cannon is a solid option in 8th edition. The extra range is great for not moving and shooting with the Sentinel, as the BS of the Cult is pretty poor, something I am having to get used to at the moment!

    2. That's why I went with the Flamers as the -1 to hit won't apply. I love the idea of them scouting ahead, stalking through the rubble only to burn those that haven't seen the light.

      As much as I like/want the armoured variety I keep thinking a Heavy Weapons team might be a cheaper option to sit backfield, obviously they don't get the plasma but when you go armoured all the other weapons look really cool, but then they can't shoot for toffee ;)

      Alternatively I'd get a Leman Russ for a armoured heavy weapons platform.

  2. Did the same with the magnets, great versatility. Awesome work, especially with the driver conversion.