Wednesday 20 September 2017

Hobby Goals 2017-2018

The Confessions of a 40k addict hobby season has now begun. I am a little bit late to get my goals together for the coming year (too much great content to post first, perhaps?). 

Here are some of my hobby goals for the coming year:

1. Find a new gaming club
Another move this year necessitates finding a new gaming club! Fortunately, there is a gaming club in Oxford, so I hope to go along and check it out. I also will need to check out the Reading gaming club. I did half my industrial placement year in Reading and attended the gaming club there. Even though it was 9 years ago, the club had a huge number of players. Hopefully, it is still as awesome as it was. 

2. Finish my Genestealers Cult army
I have finally started painting up my Genestealers Cult army, finishing two units so far. I am planning to try and get 2000 pts painted up this year, so that I can start playing games with them. I am hoping to get a good chunk of the army painted before Christmas. I will try to get most of the units assembled, so I can maybe start playing some games with them. 

At the moment, I have the following models to paint up:
  • Patriarch
  • Primus
  • Magus
  • Acolyte Iconward
  • 35 Acoltyes/Metamorphs
  • 30 Neophytes
  • 8 Abberants
  • 20 Purestrain Genestealers
  • Goliath Truck
  • Goliath Rockgrinder

3. Paint my Imperial Knight
I didn't manage to get my Knight painted up last year, so this goes back on the list for this year. I'll try and get this done right after my Genestealer Cults army. 

4. Visit Warhammer World
Again, another goal from last year that I didn't get to achieve. This hobby season, I hope to visit the home of 40k and get a game in the hallowed halls. 

Not too many hobby goals, but they do feature a lot, especially the Genestealers army. 


  1. Good luck with your goals this year.

  2. Best of Luck! Looks doable, as long as there are no distractions along the way *cough* Adeptus Titanicus *cough*

    1. I did buy a bunch of Epic stuff ages ago, but never really found anyone to play against, so sold them off a few years back. The new stuff may draw me back in.

  3. Your pilgrimage to the Holy City should be at No.1. The Adeptus Ministorum will be displeased.

    1. I know, I've begun a process of self-flagellation until the pilgrimage has been made. Praise be to the Omnissiah!

  4. 35 Acolytes and 30 Neophytes! Oh my days, not to mention the 20 Genestealers, I'd go insane if I took on so much. Saying that I've a second Deathwatch Overkill box that awaits... Good luck.

  5. I wish you all the best finding a new gaming club, that can be a really tricky undertaking. It's a bit like a blind date, but harder to make a quick escape ;-) I can't wait to see those genestealer cultists! It is the army I would most like to collect, if I didn't already have waaaaaay too much going on.

    1. Cheers Marc. Fortunately, there appear to be a few good options in the area, will just need to try them out and see.

      I am hoping to hammer out the Genestealers quite quickly, really want to get them on the table!