Sunday 12 March 2017

Monster March- Week 2 Update

Welcome to my week 2 update on the progress of my Terrorgheist for Monster March. 

Monster March is a month-long hobby challenge being run by Swordmaster at "Path of an Outcast". You are challenged to get a monster model painted up over the course of March. You can find his first post detailing those participating using this link

My first week got off to a pretty good start. I already had the model assembled and undercoated when I chose to take part. I took the first week to get the main bone colour on the Terrorgheist completed. 

This week, I began to work on the wings and flesh areas of the model. 

The Wings were painted with a base coat of Dark Angels Green (Caliban Green now, I think). 

They were then given a green wash, followed by a drybrush of Goblin Green. It may be an unusual colour to use, but it will help it to match the rest of my Vampire Counts army on the table. 

I then painted the ragged flesh areas, using the same technique as for my Ghouls. I started with a basecoat of Screamer Pink, followed by a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. 

The first highlight was a drybrush of Cadian Fleshtone, followed by a second highlight of Kislev Flesh. 

With that, the model is pretty much done. I wanted to get it to a good tabletop standard for my games. 

I painted the rocks Dawnstone and will follow them with a highlight of white. I am blazing ahead with this at the moment. This is useful, as I am missing a week in March while on holiday. All that is left to do is the base, and I can consider Monster March complete!


  1. The green wings are very cool, imho they add a ghost vibe! Eh Dark Angel green was an amazing and weird colour, mine was/is a kind of thick wash. Are you going to add some gore if I can ask?

    1. Cheers Stats. I'll probably give the gore a miss to be honest.

  2. It's looking good and really coming along! I have always loved the model. Really makes me want to start a Death army!

  3. Great progress! Thanks a lot for adding so many WiP photos! It is great to see the creation process, keep up the great work and once again, thanks for participating! :)

  4. I like the green, it adds an eerie glow to the model but is subtle.

  5. I'm loving the flesh. It has a rotten look to it. Hat tip to you sir.