Friday 10 March 2017

Ads on the Blog

As some of you may have already noticed, I have added an advert to the side bar of the blog. I have decided to trial an adsense advert on the blog to see if I can earn an extra few pennies to put towards some new models!

Hopefully, regular readers won't mind too much and it is not too intrusive.


  1. Oh dear, I wish you wouldn't but if you must... quite distracting and not worth the pence you'll generate imho. My Little Pony colouring pencils, no thanks... lol

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, maybe I sounded too harsh, just my preference to stay ad free, the internet is bombarding us with adverts and pop ups everywhere, I never even visit BOLS now as I was sick of pop ups, but a few adverts in the sidebar won't stop me coming back! :)

  3. As someone who runs ads, go for it and good luck with it. Getting a little reward for something you put a lot of work into is well deserved.

  4. I got it and I could not make up anything! Well I've not put too much effort tbh. Ebay partner network is more nice imho, check it out if you want. However also with it, maybe the effort is not worth of it. Must say my blog has a small amount of readers!

  5. I've just been putting the finishing touchwmest to a post about this! Pondering if it was worth the time and effort for the money, which in my case worked out at less than 2 pound a month!

  6. You are so optimistic: people today use ad-blockers.
    You gonna do more money looking to the floor for loose coins rather with this tool (for my own experience).

  7. I don't mind too much, as long as they don't interfere, as in full-screen blockades or pop-outs. I don't use ad blockers, but do use Privacy Badger, an addon by the EFF that blocks trackers. Big distinction.

    That being said, blocking that on blogspot makes for the reply-system not working, as I use the G+ sign-in procedure, so it's disabled here...