Tuesday 22 August 2017

Blog Milestones- 500 Edition

This week the blog has hit two major milestones that I wanted to highlight. 
Thanks to Dave at Confession of a 40k addict for his great images once more.

First up, my 500th post was up on the blog at the weekend. At around two and a half years old, I'm surprised I've had that much to talk about! 

Secondly, yesterday the blog hit over 500,000 views. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read the blog and comment on my articles. It really is the feedback and interaction with all the great bloggers and readers out there that keeps me coming back and posting on such a regular basis. 

On a side note, I would encourage you all to keep commenting on all the great 40k blogs that you read. A simple "Great work" or "nice post" makes all the difference, especially when you are just starting out in blogging. It is great encouragement to keep young blogs going. 

Don't worry, this slightly egotistical post is not all you are getting today, my Space Marine codex review will continue this afternoon with the review of the mammoth Elites section of the new book. 


  1. Congratulations! Two epic milestones!

  2. Congrats on both milestones, well deserved. Just so you know you got 5,000 more pageviews last month than I did! I've lost half my average views over the last two months. Granted its not always about the views but it's another element that encourages you to keep blogging.

    I keep reminding myself its a hobby diary first and foremost. If folk keep reading that's just an added bonus but primarily it's a record of what I've done. It just feels like a step back to be on the average views I had in 2015, not what you expect after seven years where progression becomes regression.

    1. Thanks Dave. I too have noticed a bit of a downward trend in the last few months. Sadly, not much of a hobby diary at the moment, I'm struggling to find the time to do much painting at the moment.

  3. Congratulations pal, the views are a reflection on the consistent content you produce!

    Dave I'm the same, I'm hovering around half of the views I was getting in the first part of the year. Obviously I had a break when I was in holiday but it seems that's had a much longer term effect than I was expecting.

  4. Congratulations mate, a well deserved milestone! Keep up those Codex reviews, I have been enjoying them and learning a lot. Bravo :-)

  5. Congrats and "Great work"! :)

  6. Congrats... where is the arbitrary prize giveaway??!