Friday 25 March 2016

Confessions Adsense entry- Top Gun

A bit of a random post here today. Dave from Confessions of a 40k addict has been running a competition to win an Imperial Knight over on his blog for a while now. The rules are simple, take a photo that involves one of the awesome free downloads available on his blog for your entry.
I have been wanting to enter for a while now, but life has been getting in the way. I am planning to construct one of the free terrain pieces, but with less than a week remaining, I may be pushing it for getting it completed in time.
As I was looking through the downloads available, I came across the wound markers and vehicle damage markers (Dave was also kind enough to remind me of them during my special characters battle report).
If you are like me, wounds and damage in 40k are recorded by placing dice next to the model in question. In theory this works fine, but as the game goes on and dice are flying round the table, it is all too easy to lose track of these markers or roll them for another purpose. That leads to a lot of memory searching as I desperately try to remember how many hull points this tank had left or how many wounds my warlord has remaining.
The free counters are a great solution to this problem as I no longer need to worry about errant dice! I don't know why it has taken me so long to finally get round to getting something like this as I didn't even have to design my own! It took me less than an hour to print, glue and cut these out on Thursday night just before my games club meets and I intend to use them from now on to keep track during my games.
I took several photos during the night, but this one was my favourite. I call it Top Gun.
I like the image of the two elite flyers battling it out above the skies of the battlefield for aerial supremacy. I also like the ominous shadow of the Vendetta cast onto the tabletop (if you want to know if the Vendetta crew survived the encounter and got to play one more game of homo-erotic beach volleyball, you'll need to check out battle report 50 to see!).
There are a few more photos from the battle report using the new counters, hopefully they won't spoil too much of the action.

All that lovely damage!

As I said, I am hoping to construct one of the free terrain pieces over a very busy weekend and get another entry into the competition too.

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  1. Life has been getting in the way big time! I was going to make one of the Dawn of War power generators, but I am running out of time :-) Good luck with your entry!