Thursday 30 April 2015

White Scars WIP

I have spent this last week trying to get my White Scars army completed for the upcoming Blog Wars 9. This past week I have been focusing on the Sternguard veterans and the third bike squad.
Sternguard Veterans, about half way done.

Almost completed.

Half of the squad.

I left the guns off to get better access to the detail on the chest plates.

The bike squad have been painted at the same time. I was happy with them, but looking at the close up pictures, the red lining on the bikes looks awful. That's what I get for trying to get them done quickly. I will need to go back over them and try to get the lines a bit neater.
The bikes were undercoated white, given a base coat of Ulthuan Grey and a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Followed by a drybrush of Ulthuan Grey.

And a drybrush of White Scar to finish the armour.

The lining and chestplate were picked out in red (need to clean up those lines).

The wheels and metal areas were painted black, then the metal was given a coat of Leadbelcher.

The (sort of) finished bikers. Bases need to be flocked.

My tank busting unit of meltagun bikers.

So that's the biker unit and Sternguard almost finished, let's see what else is left on the to do list:
1. Khan on bike
2. Chapter master on bike (still to be assembled)
3. Unit of 5 scouts
4. Landspeeder Storm
5. Unit of 5 bikers
6. Attack Bikes
7. Unit of 10 Sternguard Veterans

I have also got most of the attack bikes painted and have made a start on the scouts (pictures to follow). I've still got a few weeks left to get everything finished. With a holiday weekend coming up, I hope to get a lot more done.
I might go back and touch up some of the details after the tournament. This is certainly the quickest I have ever tried to paint so much.

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