Thursday, 23 April 2015

SABRE apocalypse battle report- second turn

The second turn of our club’s apocalypse game. For part 1, see here.
Attacker turn 2 overview.
The attacker’s right flank continued to advance, the Avatar eager to attack the defenders lining the wall. The skimmers on the left flank moved east to counter the rapidly advancing Death Guard forces. The mighty Eldar titan advanced towards the wall, its aim set on the damaged Baneblade. The Lord of Change flew up onto the wall, ready to attack the defenders stationed there.

The hordes advance.
An oddly incandescent Lord of Change.
The Avatar advances on the wall.
Channelling forbidden eldritch knowledge, the Farseer summoned five baying hounds of khorne from the warp, desperate times called for desperate measures. The braying beasts advanced on the objective to the west in front of the wall.
The massive firepower on the attacker’s right flank opened fire at the guardsmen on the wall, cowering behind the structure they were spared the full brunt of the attack (the squad went to ground, receiving a 2+ cover save), but still, the 30 strong squad was reduced to 13. The fire prism on the left snap fired at the landraider (on one hull point), the shot hit but failed to penetrate the armoured monstrosity. The other skimmers focused on the other vehicles advancing on their left flank, destroying a rhino, then raking fire on the disembarked passengers, slaying several.
The skimmers focus their firepower on the defender's lines.
The titan fired its primary weapon at the Baneblade, the Destroyer charge annihilating the mighty tank, though the resulting massive explosion caused no damage to the imperial lines. It then focused its fire in the landraider, removing the last hull point. The Death Guard terminators tore their way out of the wreckage, losing none of their number to the destruction.
The might bloodthirster and wraithlord assaulted two separate Leman Russ tanks, easily ripping apart both in a fury of violence.
There were more tanks there a minute ago.....
Defender turn 2 overview
With a mighty roar of engines, the Ravenwing arrived. Using the Flank March asset, the bike-mounted reserves were able to come on behind the lines of the enemy.
Sammael leads the Ravenwing against the enemy skimmers.

The White Scars arrive.

Ravenwing Black Knights.

Massed reserves arrive.
A squad of terminators led by Typhus also arrived on the west flank. As the newly arrived troops planned their attack, a mighty orbital bombardment was also launched on the farseer cowering behind the eldar artillery. The massive explosion killing several of their number.
Typhus and his terminator bodyguard arrive.
The newly arrived Ravenwing fired at the rear of the Eldar skimmers. One wave serpent was destroyed, its Fire Dragon passengers being cut down by the Sammael and the command squad as they emptied out of the wreckage. The other bikers fired at the fire prism and warphunter, damaging the vehicles, but also causing them to jink, reducing their firepower for next turn. The white scars bikers launched an attack on the back of the wraithknight, their grav guns taking 3 wounds from the creature.
The White Scars target the Wraithknight.
On the south side of the battlefield, the guns focused on the approaching avatar, the massed firepower taking it down to a single wound. An equal amount of firepower was levelled against the approaching bloodthirster, but despite being wounded several times, all its saves were made. The newly arrived terminators took a heavy toll on the Tau commander, killing all of his unit.
The firepower of the newly arrived terminators and black knights reduce the Tau line.
As the firepower was exhausted, the Death Guard Terminators on the east flank assaulted the might form of the Riptide, destroying the machine with powerful chainfist and power fist blows.
The terminators assault the ridtide, destroying it.....

.....and quickly move on to new foes.

The Imperial Knight eyes up the competition.

The surviving Leman Russ with some air support.
The newly arrived reserves had helped bolster the defender’s forces and they maintained the upper hand in the battle, for now.
Strategic Victory Points:
Attacker- 12
Defender- 16
The rest of the battle:



  1. It's good to see the Ravenwing getting stuck in. The scale of this battle is mind boggling.

  2. Yeah, our opponents were not expecting the flank march stratagem to allow them to come on behind their lines. Lots of lovely rear armour on the skimmers to exploit.