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SABRE apocalyse battle report- third turn

The third turn of our club’s apocalypse game.  


Attacker turn 3 overview
With a mighty roar, the Avatar of Khaine launched itself onto the wall, the defending Guardsmen held firm thanks to the rhetoric of the priest amongst them. The rest of the attackers continued to advance, the still mobile skimmers on the left flank advancing toward the objective held by the Death Guard.
The Avatar attacks (on one wound left)

The mighty Lynx superheavy also returned, ready to punish the Ravenwing. A trio of crisis suits landed behind the wall ready to attack the troops from within. However, their descent was observed by the nearby Contemptor dreadnought, his interception fire slaying only one of their number, but it was enough to cause the Tau to lose heart and flee towards the comparative safety of their own lines.

The Lynx superheavy arrives.

The crisis suits quickly arrive....

....and just as quickly flee.
The Bloodthirster advances on Yarrick.
The Daemons on the right flank attempted to use their psychic powers to destroy the terminators, they levelled several powers at the unit. All but one was effectively blocked, a powerful psychic beam succeeding in slaying 3 of their number.

The Lynx fired at the Ravenwing, its mighty weapon slaying 9 of their number. Another 6 bikers were killed by the combined efforts of the Tau and their Daemon allies. The right flank targeted Typhus and his bodyguard. The mass shooting succeeded in slaying all of the terminators as well as Typhus.

The Lynx kills several bikers.

Typhus soon follows his slaughtered bodyguard of terminators.
The mighty Titan turned and added its firepower to the attempt to kill the bikers, but only one fell. The nearby terminators were not so lucky, four of their number falling to the mighty Destroyer weaponry used.

The time for brute strength was now. The Eldar and Avatar assaulted the guard holding the wall on the west flank. The guardians slew all the humans opposing them. The Avatar slew several guardsmen on the wall, but their nerve held firm thanks to the Priest in their ranks. Despite their best efforts they could not remove its final wound. The bikers were the subject of assaults from the plaguebearers and Wraithknight and lost 7 of their number, but they held firm.

The mighty bloodthirster of Khorne charged Yarrick and his platoon. Though many were slain by its fury, the guardsmen were able to hurt the beast, reducing it to one wound.



Defender turn 3 overview.
The attacker’s launched a smoke screen asset, essentially shielding the skimmers from the troops on the wall.

With a cheer from the imperial lines, the Baneblade returned to the battle. The imperial flyers and some of the remaining bikers headed towards the Lynx, hoping to destroy the tank. Their massed firepower succeeded in removing 4 of its 6 hull points.

The wyvern opened fire on the eldar holding the wall above it, killing all but one of the squad. The survivor held his nerve and remained to defend the section. Finally, the massed firepower of the defenders succeeded in killing the farseer and his artillery bodyguard.

Seeing an opportunity, the Baneblade fired its secondary weapons at the exposed rear of the Titan and succeeded in stripping four hull points from it (leaving it with 4 remaining). The landspeeder added to the damage, causing a further loss of a further two hull points.

The remaining bikers assaulted the Lynx, their grenades annihilating the superheavy and killing three of their number. Sammael and the command squad assaulted the striking scorpions, their exarch challenging the Ravenwing commander to a duel. He was quickly cut down for his impudence along with three of his squad. The survivors held, but their plight was dire. The Avatar was slowed by the resistance he was meeting, only killing two of the guard on the wall. Again, they held thanks to the inspiring words of the priest.

The Death Guard destroy the wave serpent carrying the dire avengers.

Sammael's squad assault the striking scorpions after destroying their transport.

The few survivors hold up the Avatar (who suffered a slight mishap during the game).
In the central gateway, the Bloodthirster continued to slaughter his way through the ranks of Cadians before him. Seeing the creature’s attention elsewhere, Yarrick threw himself towards the Greater Daemon, landing a killing blow that banished the monstrosity back to the Warp.

Timber! Yarrick slays the Greater Daemon.

The  guard advance.

The battle rages.
The defender’s roared their approval at this victory, they still held the advantage so far, but their numbers were quickly dwindling. The defenders were barely holding on to their objectives, a single White Scars biker holding the middle objective against a horde of approaching daemons. 

Strategic Victory Points:

Attacker- 26
Defender- 28

The end of the third turn brought the first day to a close. Battle would resume the next day.

The rest of the battle:


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