Sunday 11 March 2018

Hobby Sunday 10/03/18- Dark Angels Reinforcements

For this week's hobby Sunday, I have been assembling some new units for my Dark Angels army. I decided to re-vamp my Dark Angels army for 8th edition. My Ravenwing army looks good on the tabletop, but my Green Wing Marines are looking a bit dated. They are all from 3rd edition and the first models I painted, so they are not great. 

I've also been thinking about making the army playable as a tournament force in 8th edition, so wanted to add some new units to the army, as well as trying to improve the paint job on them. 

First up, we have a couple of units of Scouts. Scouts are a fantastic unit in 8th edition, great for giving the army a high degree of board control. For more info, you can check out my review on Frontline Gaming. 

Next up, a couple of units of Tactical Marines. These are great for holding objectives in my deployment zone. One has a Heavy Bolter, great for the Hellfire Shells stratagem. I could also use the as a unit of Devastators, allowing the Heavy Bolter to hit on a 2+. With the Chapter Tactic re-rolls, this should give me some highly accurate firepower. 

A unit of Hellblasters is pretty much essential for a Dark Angels army. They pack some serious firepower and are even better when using the Weapons of the Dark Age stratagem to boost their damage output. Backed up with Azrael and a Lieutenant, they are a formidable threat. 

A Primaris Lieutenant and Ancient will really boost the abilities of the Hellblasters. 

A unit of Primaris Marines make some great objective holders as well. They are tough and their firepower can be pretty strong too. 

A Lascannon Razorback will provide me with some nice anti-tank firepower and transport capacity. 

I am planning on taking the army to the London GT in May, so will be looking to get these painted up in the next couple of months and to test out potential lists to take to the tournament. 


  1. Some good choices, there. I will look forward to how you tackle their paint!

    1. Thanks Dave. Managed to get them undercoated last night. Got a few Genestealer units to finish, then I'm going to get on them!