Monday, 30 November 2015

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 3, Battle Phase 1 results

The battles have been fought, blood has been spilled and territory has been captured. Turn 3, battle phase 1 of the campaign comes to an end, here is how the map now looks:

The Ork horde continued their advance south through the forest. While they were having much fun smashing through the trees, they came upon a Tau outpost that promised even more fun for the Boyz.
As they were getting ready to attack, they were joined by some Chaos Space Marine allies, newly arrived to the area. The Warboss decided to be magnanimous (not that he knew what the word meant) and let the Chaos Boyz join the attack (after all, once the Tau were out of the way, they could always scrap with the Chaos followers).

The Bullyboyz in their mega armour and trukks surged ahead of the main lines, but they quickly lost their rides to the firepower of the Tau, despite the best assurances of the Big Mek that his Supa Forcefield would keep them safe. The Warboss was due to have firm words with the Mek once the battle was over, being forced to wade through a hail of bullets to reach the Tau lines. Fortunately, he had his Mega Armour and his Lucky Stick to keep him safe!
In a display of cunning rarely seen outside of grots, the Warboss had also decided to use some new fangled "taktics" to Outflank the Tau lines with several of his hardest units of Boyz.
The Chaos allies had brought a powerful Sorcerer, who was calling forth howling packs of Bloodletters to rip apart the Tau lines. Not to be outdone, the Weirdboy thought he would join in the fun. The Ork psyker gathered the might of Chaos around him, mingling with the Waaagh energy of the boyz and sought to bring forth an even bigger horde of daemons to outdo the Sorcerer (that'd show him!). Only too late did he realise his mistake, the surge of Daemonic energy blew him apart in a shower of gore, a giant Bloodthirster emerging from his carcass to sweep the Tau lines.
The Warboss paused from dismembering one of the Fire Warriors to chuckle to himself. Finally, the wretched Weirdboy had done something useful after all. With that, the last of the Tau resistance was swept aside and the Orks succeeded in grabbing more territory. With the taste of victory on their lips, the Orks could have surged forward and conquered more of the sector, but the Nobz had their hands full trying to hold the Warlord back to stop him engaging in an 'eadbutting challenge with the Bloodthirster. (Seb fought Shaun for control of the woodlands and managed to defeat them with the help of some Chaos allies. Thanks to Seb for an overview of the battle, it certainly sounded like an amusing game).
Elsewhere, the Tau were more successful in pacifying the local populace to bolster their rapidly expanding territory to the North-West. The White Scars attempted to launch a daring raid against the Tau's Spaceport to cripple their manoeuvrability and help their Guard allies, but their ambitious plan left their army overstretched and they could not defeat the forces holding the location (Shaun and Allan fought over control of the Spaceport, but Shaun emerged victorious and used the victory to capture his tile).
The Blood Angels clashed with the forces of Chaos, defeating their ancient enemy and securing more territory. (Lee won his game against a Chaos army, seizing his tile in the process).
The Dark Eldar continued their advances, capturing a Command Bastion from the forces of the Imperium stationed there to protect it. (James managed to capture the Command Bastion near his territory, further strengthening the Dark Eldar empire to the South).
The Eldar and Chaos forces to the East continued in their struggle for dominance. This time, the forces of Chaos were victorious, temporarily pushing back the Eldar lines beyond the banks of the river that split their territories (Armel and Thomas once again clashed at their borders, Thomas emerging with the win to grab the territory).
The forces of the Mechanium clashed with the newly arrived Chaos legions in the area. The Mechanium emerged victorious to capture another territory. Could this new location lead them to the prize that they have been searching for........(Steve's forces clashed with Iain's army and emerged victorious to secure a new location for the Mechanium)

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