Sunday 24 May 2015

White Scars Grav Centurions

During my painting frenzy last week and over the weekend, I also managed to paint my Grav Centurions. I recently purchased these from ebay and thought I would get them done while I had the painting bug. As any marine player will tell you, the grav cannon/grav amp combination on these guys is very powerful. The were done using my usual white scars colour scheme.
Right figure: Agrax earthshade wash applied to white undercoat.
Left figure: Followed by Ulthuan Grey drybrush.

Before (right figure) and after (left figure) White Scar drybrush.

The red areas are picked out and the metal areas are painted black before being painted Leadbelcher or gold.

Finished grav centurion.

Centurion sergeant.

Rear view of centurion.
 I am just about to head over to Dundee Wargamers for their one-day tournament. These guys will be featured in my army list.


  1. These guys look great, did they perform well on Saturday?

    I personally prefer the lascannon and missile launcher loadout for them myself, a lot of people expect centurions to be toting grav so when they sit in a ruin at the back of the board with range to almost everything they're not quite sure what to do about them.

    Of course I do take imperial fists chapter tactics with my marine list though, so the tank hunter re-rolls are extremely helpful!

    1. Thanks Nick, I'm glad with how they turned out.

      In my first game (Space Wolves) they performed well, they caused a fair amount of damage on tactical squads and the thunderwolves.
      In the second game (Necrons), they were swamped by Scarabs and eventually wiped out, there was not much I could have done about it.
      In the third game (marines) they were targeted by drop pod Sternguard and eliminated, but I think it helped save more valuable, mobile units and allowed me to target his Sternguard next turn. I think I could have saved them if I put them in cover, but they were out of line of sight as I had a real fear of my opponent seizing (he got +1 to seize plus a re-roll from Corteaz).
      Overall, they performed well, but I'm not sure they made a huge difference overall. A drop pod sternguard unit (what I replaced them with) may have been more effective considering my opponents. I took them to try and eliminated vehicles and superheavies, but ended up not facing a lot of vehicles and no superheavies at all. I like the models and the unit, but the small range is troublesome (though with the new marine codex likely to get FA drop pod, they could be even better now!).