Tuesday 19 May 2015

White Scars Chapter Master

I managed to get a great deal of painting done last week and at the weekend, meaning that I have finished my blog wars army. Tournaments act as a great deadline for getting stuff painted quickly. With a definitive date to get everything finished by, models don't sit languishing undercoated in a box for months/years. I'll post the completed units and army in the following week (got to spread that content out somehow!).
Last week, I was able to complete the painting on my newly assembled Chapter Master on bike.

After a white undercoat, the model was give an Agrax Earthshade wash, followed by Ulthuan Grey Drybrushing.

Then a drybrushing of White Scar (of course!).

The red lining was given a Basecoat of Mephiston Red, followed by a Carroburg Crimson wash, then Evil Sunz red highlight.

The finished Chapter Master.

I am quite happy with how he turned out. I spent a bit more time on the red lining of the biker to make it look neater than my previous attempts. As I have said previously, I am never going to be a Golden Demon standard painter (I just don't have the skill or patience), but I like getting things painted to a decent tabletop standard.
The gold on the iron halo and backpack help him to stand out from the other bikers on the battlefield. Overall, the army is coming together quite nicely.


  1. Nice work and progress. Great job with the conversion as well!

    1. Thanks Greg. I'm glad to be finally getting everything finished.
      I'm guessing cause it uses parts of different kits, it's technically a conversion, but if it is, its at the very low end of the scale ;)

    2. kitbashing still takes work :)

    3. That's true, those bits boxes don't search themselves! (really need to get them sorted one of these days).

  2. Nice :) looking forwards to seeing them Charging around on the 6th! Will have to make sure I come say hi!


    1. Thanks Luke. Looking forward to the 6th now that everything is done. It'll be nice to finally meet everyone who's blogs I have been following for ages and everyone who has been kind enough to comment on mine.