Hobby Costs 2015

I was inspired by a series of posts over at Warhammer 39,999 called Frugal Gaming to start documenting my hobby costs at the start of 2015.
The reason for this was to get an idea of just how much I spent on wargaming in a year and to see if I could cut down on impulse buying. Unlike the Frugal Gaming series, I am unlikely to break even over a given year, I rarely purchase anything off ebay with the intention of re-selling and don't sell a huge amount anyway. It has helped me limit my spending a little (though not much, as you will see below), but does give me an idea of what I might spend in an average year.

The spending will be split in the following categories:
  • White Scars (WS)
  • Dark Angels (DA)
  • Orks (OR)
  • Astra Militarum (AM)
  • Vampire Counts (VC)
  • Terrain (T)
  • Hobby (H)
  • Other (OT)
Without further ado:
  • £22 (WS) Codex Space Marines
  • £30 (H) GW paints
  • £14 (WS) assault terminators
  • -£34 Sold Vindicator and Devastators (ebay)
  • -£80 Sold Ultramarines
  • £10.56 (WS) Space Marine Bikes
  • -£15.70 Sold Sanguinary guard
  • £3.75 (WS) Bases
  • £9.50 (WS) Land Raider Crusader Parts
  • £95.97 (WS) White Scars Army
  • -£14.70 Sold Aegis Line (Complete)
  • -£11.70 Sold Aegis Line (incomplete)
  • -£10.70 Sold Dark Angels Veterans
  • £8.61 (WS) Gravity Guns (Wayland Games)
  • £55 (T) Wood, glue and terrain supplies (Homebase)
  • £6 (H) Paints (Hobbycraft)
  • £20.88 (WS) Tactical Squad
  • £41.75 (WS) Space Marine Bikes, bases and paints (GW)
  • £11.20 (OT) Ebay postage costs
January Total = £162.00
Running Total = £162.00
I sold off a lot of models from a big Ultramarines purchase that I made before the new year. I wanted to use some of the army for the basis of my White Scars and got rid of a lot of models from it, so ended up making a profit on the army itself. Most of the other costs from January were to build up my White Scars (in preparation for Blog Wars 9) and some supplies for making terrain.
  • £15.99 (T) Wooden Walkway (ebay)
  • £13.49 (T) Wooden bases for forest
  • £32.40 (WS) Stormraven (ebay)
  • -£31 Sold Battlewagon
  • -£13 Sold Librarian
  • -£13 Sold Deffcoptas
  • £13.80 (T) Citadel Wood (ebay)
  • £8.40 (OT) Ebay postage costs
February Total = £27.08
Running Total = £189.08
Mostly terrain supplies this month and a flyer for the White Scars. I also managed to sell off some unwanted models.
  • -£27.20 Sold Burna Boyz
  • £11.25 (VC) Zombies
  • £28 (VC) Terrorgheist
  • £11.14 (VC) Wight King
  • £13.24 (VC) Warhammer bases
  • £29.98 (OT) End Times Thanquol
  • -£31 Sold End Times Nagash
  • -£15 Sold End Times Glotkin
  • -£24 Sold Fuel Dump
  • -£5.40 Sold Honour Guard Marine
  • -£7.09 Sold Terminators
  • -£15 Sold GorkaMorka fort
  • £16 (OT) Ebay postage costs
March Total = -£15.08
Running Total = £174.00
A few fantasy purchases this month and selling off of some books, terrain and models.
  • £75 (WS) Wayland Games Order (Sternguard and bikes)
  • £35 (OT) End Times Khaine
  • £45 (OT) End Times Archaon
  • £12.66 (OT) Ebay fees
  • £12 (WS) Card bastion and commander (ebay)
  • -£6.20 Sold Winged Vampire Lord
  • -£8.97 Sold Vampires and Space Marine models
  • £7.49 (WS) Carry case tray
  • £5.60 (OT) Ebay postage costs
  • £50 (OT) Space Hulk
  • £20 (H) Paints (GW)
  • £77.40 (OT) Assassins game and White Dwarf
April Total = £357.98
Running Total = £531.98
Wow. A very expensive month in April. I needed to purchase several things to get my White Scars army finished for Blog Wars 9, in addition to a couple of board games and the end times books. The Card Bastion ended up costing nothing as I was refunded on it on ebay (half the kit was missing, despite being posted as nearly complete).
  • £33 (WS) Space Marine Centurions
  • -£26 Sold End Times Khaine
  • £2.80 (OT) Ebay postage Costs
  • £19 (T) Gothic Ruins
May Total = £28.80
Running Total = £560.78
Just two purchases this month thanks to the fortune I spent last month. Some Grav centurions and some terrain from ebay. I managed to sell one of the end times books too.
  • So, expenditures for June this month were;
    • £127.50 (OT) Blog Wars 9 costs (ticket, transport, accommodation)
    • -£110 Sold epic 40k models and rules on ebay
    • £42.50 (WS) Space Marine Codex and datacards
    • £18.30 (WS) Drop Pod (ebay)
    • -£28.30 Sold End Times Thanquol books on ebay
    • £42.50 (DA) Dark Angels Codex and datacards
    • £2.80 (OT) Ebay postage costs
    • £3.99 (WS) Sternguard Heavy Bolters (3) from ebay
    • £12.40 (WS) Assault Marines from ebay
    • £17.50 (OT) Blog Wars 10 ticket
June Total = £129.19
Running Total = £689.97
Biggest expense this month was the trip to Blog Wars. The ticket and petrol was not too much, but £80 for two nights in a hotel was the biggest expense (though this itself wasn't too bad for two nights). Having two codex releases in the one month was not too helpful either, but unless they redo Orks or Guard any time soon, I shouldn't have to buy another codex for a while.

Here are July's figures:
  • -£15.30 Sold Razorback (ebay)
  • -£11.30 Sold Scouts (ebay)
  • -£33.30 Sold End Times Archaon (ebay)
  • £8.40 (OT) ebay postage costs
  • £20.00 (OT) Dundee wargames yearly membership
  • £13.30 (DA) Chaplain on Bike (ebay)
  • £3.35 (DA) Bike bases (ebay)
  • £11.80 (DA) Landspeeder (ebay)
  • £40.30 (DA) Four Landspeeders (ebay)
  • £19.81 (OT) ebay charges
  • -£5.00 Sold combi-meltas (ebay)
  • -£3.00 Sold Dark Angels Reliquery (ebay)
  • -£4.00 Sold Ravenwing Corvus Hammers (ebay)
  • -£4.00 Sold Dark Angels power swords (ebay)
  • -£14.80 Sold Bastion (ebay)
  • -£2.99 Sold Techmarine torso (ebay)
  • -£8.15 Sold Landspeeder Storm (ebay)
  • -£2.99 Sold Dante incomplete (ebay)
  • -£6.00 Sold Combi-Grav guns (ebay)
  • -£5.00 Sold Combi-flamer guns (ebay)
  • -£5.00 Sold Combi-plasma guns (ebay)
  • £15.84 (OT) Ebay postage costs
Total for July= £11.97
Running total= £701.94

Damn you Ravenwing! I wasn't planning to purchase much this month, but the new Dark Angels codex tempted me with some Ravenwing purchases. I picked up some Landspeeders to make up a Ravenwing support squadron. I have already used this in a game and it was a good purchase.

This month wasn't too bad as I actually managed to sell off a fair amount on ebay. I finally got my bits box organised and got rid of some items too. I am planning to re-sell two of the speeders that I bought (I only needed three of them), I just ran out of auctions this month to do it. Had I been able to, I probably would have broken even this month.

Here are August's figures:
  • £43.00 (AM) Wyvern and Punisher tanks (ebay)
  • £33.30 (DA) Dark Talon (ebay)
  • £40.80 (H) GW Clippers and Paints
  • £22.30 (H) Hobbycraft supplies (flock and plastic sheet)
  • £61.77 (H) Dremel hobby tool and accessories
  • £2.19 (H) Magnets
  • £22.24 (OT) Ebay postage costs and charges
  • -£5.30 Sold Landspeeder parts
  • -£17.80 Sold Kroot Shaper
  • -£7.00 Sold Techmarine parts
  • -£21.00 Sold Battlescape terrain
  • -£28.70 Sold Ork Trukks
Total for August = £145.80
Running Total= £847.74

Lots of purchases this week. I picked up a couple of tanks for my Astra Militarum army, but the biggest purchases for this month were for the Ravenwing. I wanted to pick up a Dark Talon with the aim of building it for my Blog Wars X army. I decided to finally have a go at magnetising something and thought I would start with the Dark Talon. I purchased a hobby tool for drilling the holes and some magnets to give it a go. I will be detailing my progress as I go along.
I also managed to sell a few more spare bits on ebay this month which helped reduce costs a little.


  • £1.70 (H)      Plastic Tweezers
  • £3.79 (H)      How to make wargames terrain book
  • -£3.00           Sold Ravenwing Banner
  • £10.00 (H)    Doubles Tournament costs
  • £30.00 (AM) Guard Models
  • £28.99 (T)     2nd Edition card terrain
  • £25.00 (H)    Rapid Fire tournament costs
  • £25.00 (WS) Space Marine Bikers
  • £20.00 (T)    Imperial Firebase Card Terrain
  • -£18.00        Sold Gaunt's ghosts and sniper models
  • -£8.00          Sold Commissar

  • Total for September= £115.48
    Running Total= £913.00

    A few hobby purchases this month. I picked up some more bikers for my White Scars that I want to get painted for an upcoming tournament. I also paid for a couple of tournaments for this year, one of which is still to come.
    I was able to sell a few pieces on ebay this month too and managed to pick up some more 2nd edition card buildings that I have yet to build.

    Here are October's numbers:
    • -£11.30 Sold Landspeeder (ebay)
    • -£8.80 Sold Landspeeder (ebay)
    • -£12.80 Sold Chimera (ebay)
    • -£5.36 Sold Catachans (ebay)
    • -£11.70 Sold Chaplain and bikers
    • -£19.47 Sold Commissar and Tactical marines
    • -£5.70 Sold Scouts
    • -£5.50 Sold Attack bike
    • £28.00 Large carry case (ebay)
    • £53.00 White Scars cards and War zone Damocles: Kauyon
    • £16.80 Ebay postage costs
    Totals for October = £17.17
    Running Total = £930
    Damn you GW! I was doing so well this month until I read the new rules for the White Scars in the War zone Damocles: Kauyon expansion and picked up the book and the White Scars datacards to go with them. Really looking forward to trying out the new formations and Relics when it arrives. I also managed to find a cheap large carry case on ebay for transporting my Ravenwing in one case.
    I managed to sell a lot of stuff on ebay in October which helped to pay for the new stuff that I purchased.

    Here are November's numbers:
    • -£10.00          Sold Citadel wood leaves
    • £3.00 (OT)    Postage Costs
    • £5.16 (OT)    Ebay charges
    • £11.50 (WS) Landspeeder (ebay)
    • £17.00 (WS) Scout Bikers
    • £60.00 (OT)  Blog Wars X costs
    • £17.78 (WS) Bikers and Landspeeder (ebay)
    Total for November = £105.44
    Running Total = £1036

    The biggest expense this month was the trip down to Stockport for blog wars X. While I was there, I also treated myself to a box of Scout Bikers to use with the new White Scars formations I recently reviewed. For this reason, I also picked up some more bikers and landspeeders from ebay.

    I only sold one item this month. Someone on twitter was looking for spare leaves from the citadel wood kit. I had a couple of sets lying around and got rid of them.

    Here are Decembers numbers:
    • £79.90  (WS) Space Marine army bundle.
    Total= £79.90
    Running Total= £1116
    As you can see, not a lot this month. My only purchase was a bulk army deal that I found on ebay. This contained a wide variety of units, including tactical marines, devastators, assault marines, terminators, grey knights, a terminator librarian, rhinos, razorback and a drop pod.
    My plan is to keep some of the transports for my White Scars to use in some of the new formations. The rest I plan to re-sell on ebay in the new year, hopefully equalling or beating the price that I bought them for.
    Next comes the fun part, where I get to break down all the spending over the last year and see what I spent all my money on. Look forward to some incoming charts!

    I have now posted my review of my hobby costs for 2015.


    1. I love to see you keeping this alive. Some general thoughts I have:

      1) Your goal is to just see what you spend for the year, right? I wish I would've done a baseline myself and not tried to curb my spending right at the onset. That would help me to understand what my natural tendancies are right from the get-go. As it stands, the mere fact that I was tracking things reduced my spending (ie: "Did I really spend that much last month?!?")

      2) I like that you included your Blog Wars travel costs. I've hemmed and hawed about that sort of thing. I include tourney costs, but I haven't included other major purchases like card storage furniture, etc. They're hobby related, but they're also furniture that I will use for other purposes one day I'm sure. I made a post on it where I debated the pros and cons but people overwhelmingly supported the idea of omitting that sort of thing. You could just have easily chalked BlogWars up to "a vacation" and not hobby spending. Good on you for not doing so.

      3) You may want to track categories from the start. It's harder to go back after the fact and add them. It helps to dissect at the end of the year where the money really went (the fact that you track ebay postage separately is a good start).

      4) Since you have a blog, you may want to consider linking some of the purchases to related blog topics. If you bought a great deal on ebay and did a post, it'd be a good way to draw people back into the blog more and let us know how great a deal you really got--that sort of thing...

      Overall, I think it's great though. I like to see someone else owning up to their spending--and helping me to feel better about the amount of money I dump into these hobbies. :)

      1. Thanks for the hints and ideas. As to your points:

        1. I was just simply curious about how much I spend in a year. I don't think I have put off too much spending due to keeping a note, maybe a few impulse buys, but if I want something (new codex, new model, etc) I have tended to buy it. I think I have sold a lot more since I started to try and make a bit back, stuff I was never going to get round to painting or using. Just tracking this one year makes we wonder how much I have spent in total for 5 armies!

        2. I included the costs as they were significant and hobby related. I think I saw on one of your posts that it doesn't really count as vacation if you wouldn't be going if it wasn't hobby related. One thing I haven't included is the gaming club fees. I will probably include any membership costs, but wasn't going to keep track of the weekly costs (about £1 a week).

        3. I might start to do categories. I guess I would only have 40k, fantasy and terrain/paint.

        4. Good idea! I will need to go back and do this. As you said, it'll be easier to do now at the start and keep it going.

        Thanks for the inspiration to do this, I may regret it at the end when I see the final costs :)

      2. When it comes to categories, you don't have to do yours as generalized as mine. If you're routinely rounding out five armies, maybe having categories for each would make sense?

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